Our Team

Jolanta Czerwonka

Jolanta Czerwonka , PTA, Director of Marketing

Jolanta Czerwonka is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and the Director of Marketing at Excellcare Physical Therapy. She graduated from Morton College in 2016, where she earned an Associate’s degree in Applied Science for a Physical Therapist Assistant.

From day one, her goal has always been to make a positive difference in her patient’s recovery. Her strong manual skills, as well as the passion for the field, allow her to help her patients in living healthier, pain-free lives that improve the overall wellness of both physical and emotional health. To make for sure that her patients know how important they are, Jolanta has made it her mission to help each and every one, based on their specific needs and/or conditions. If needed, she has even personally visited her patients’ doctors to discuss progress, regression and what steps they can take in order to get better.

Outside of physical therapy, Jolanta enjoys yoga, biking, and horseback riding. More than anything, she loves spending her free time with her 4-year-old daughter.